Level 2 Digital Business Communication (L2DBC)


The focus of this course is essential business communication skills. These skills would include communicating digitally through word processing, spreadsheeting, and communicating using interactive web design and multimedia as appropriate. You would develop the use of Google skills and the efficient use of the internet, copyright, ergonomics, data integrity and security. 

A site visit or two to see businesses working well will be included and a couple of guests to talk about good communication and life in the business world. However, this is a digital course and the focus is on using digital technology efficiently to effectively meet an outcome.

You will focus on essential business workplace skills however, these really are essential life skills in this day and age. The majority of New Zealand businesses are small businesses and so staff need to be skilled in a wide variety of communication methods and skills. However, this course would help those heading off to University develop the skills that will help them to be more digitally savvy.

Because this course is all about communication and marketing, you will need good literacy and numeracy skills. If you are keen to do any Level 3 credits in this course you will need to talk to the HOLA first. You would also usually need to do the appropriate Level 2 standard before doing the Level 3 standards eg Level 2 Word Processing before doing Level 3 Word Processing. 

This will be an interesting course that will be challenging but rewarding to a student who works well and has good motivation. Especially given that we are preparing students for the work place and/or university.

What will I learn?

What should I have done already?

There are no prerequisites for this course however,  you will need very good literacy and numeracy skills to be successful in this course

Assessment outline

The content for all units can be found on www.nzqa.govt.nz/framework


Assessment regulations

There will usually not be an opportunity for reassessment.

See the NCEA Student Handbook for more details.

Authenticity and appeals

Assessment work completed must be your own work.

These issues are dealt with by the college’s assessment procedures.

Read your NCEA Student Handbook for details.

Where does this course lead?

This course prepares students for the workplace and/or for university.  

There could be opportunities to continue and do Level 3 standards of a similar nature.  

Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the course costs page.