Level 3 Physical Education (L3PED)


Building on prior learning at Levels 1 and 2, pupils will be extended in their critical thinking and analysis of skills within the Physical Education spectrum. The course also requires high levels of self- management and organisation. Practicals include Badminton and a fitness activity in preparation for a Duathlon performance. Pupils will also be given opportunity to examine contemporary leadership styles and experience them in a practical setting. This could be coaching school teams or outside of school teams or training year 7/8 teams for winter sport competition. By the end of this year, their three years of Senior Physical Education will give them a well balanced yet comprehensive understanding of the curriculum. They will also have developed life skills that will stand them in good stead wherever they head on their next stage of life. All units are internally assessed. Scholarship is offered to those who would like to extend themselves.

What will I learn?

You will cover the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. Your major areas of study will include:

    • Planning and participating in a physical activity or experience.

    • Reviewing the impact of taking part in a physical activity programme or experience.

    • Appraising performance, planning and evaluating a programme for performance improvement.

    • Demonstrating performance in a chosen physical activity against a national standard.

    • Examining an event, trend or issue that impacts on New Zealand society.

What should I have done already?

14 credits at Level 2 Physical Education, including Achievement Standard 2.2.

Assessment outline


Assessment regulations


Due to the nature and size of the standards at level 3, there will be NO opportunity to resubmit work for this course.

Late work:

Work submitted late for any internally assessed standards will not be marked. If there is a genuine reason or explanation why you are unable to submit the work then you are able to apply for an extension. This should occur prior to the due date and not after. Approach your subject teacher and make your case. Read the NCEA student handbook for more information.

Where does this course lead?

This course may provide the base for tertiary study and possibly a career in physical education, health, recreation or the fitness industry. The course is also personally valuable through its provision of challenges, responsibilities and enjoyment through physical activity.

Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the course costs page.