L3APH - Level 3 Photography


The Level Three Photography course is a practical subject that is assessed against the National Certificate of Education (NCEA) with credits contributing towards NCEA. There is a maximum of 22 credits available. Two of the Achievement Standards will be assessed internally and the other one will be externally assessed. The externally assessed Standard is assessed by national examination at the end of the school year.

What will I learn?

You will learn through research into the work of contemporary artists, exemplars of student work and teacher instruction. You will be required to experiment and practice a variety of technical skills, and apply them in the making of individual art works.

What should I have done already?

You should have passed both Achievement Standard 2.3 and Achievement Standard 2.4 from Level Photography. However in exceptional cases well motivated students without this qualification will be considered, and should discuss the matter with the Head of Department Art.

Assessment outline


Assessment regulations

It is vital that you read and understand the rules relating to NCEA in the Student Handbook. The following rules are emphasized here:

Assessment / re-assessment

During the course of each assignment on-going critical reviews of work will take place. Individual direction and advice will be provided to ensure the best possible chance of achieving the Standard. Re-working of tasks will be suggested to enable you to achieve the Standard. Deadlines will be set for formative assessment. In the event you do not submit work or submit sufficient work for formative assessment you will not be provided with the opportunity to submit work for re- assessment (Summative Assessment) at the end of year.

Late work

Work submitted late for summative (final) assessment will not be marked.

If you have a genuine reason why you are unable to submit work by the due date, then you are able to apply for an extension. This should occur prior to the due date, not after. Approach your subject teacher and make your case. Read the NCEA Student Handbook for more detail.

Authenticity and appeals

These issues are dealt with by the college’s assessment procedures. Read your NCEA Student Handbook for details.

Presentation of work

Visual Diary: An A3 clear-file visual diary will be kept as an ongoing document of work. Assignment tasks will be presented in sequential order documenting clearly task requirements.

Portfolio: A portfolio of work will be presented (usually) in Term Four for external assessment. The portfolio will consist of two panels of work.

NB: All Internal Standard work will be kept by the department until the following year (AS 3.2 AS 3.3) for external departmental moderation purposes.

Where does this course lead?

This course leads to tertiary study and careers in photography, film, media studies, design, television and related jobs.

Indicative costs

Read more about indicative course costs.