Level 2 Physical Education (L2PED)


Building on prior learning at Level 1, pupils will apply knowledge in a variety of practical situations that deepen their knowledge. Practical classes will include a range of activities. Examples are Ki-O-Rahi, Ultimate and specific training programs for selected activities. All standards are internally assessed. Each practical context explores related theory of Physical Education including skill learning, anatomy, biomechanics, principles and methods of training, exercise physiology and sociology of sport. Theoretical knowledge can be delivered in the practical context.

What will I learn?

You will cover the practical and theoretical aspects of Physical Education. Your major areas of study will include:

    • Understanding the significance of physical activity in the lives of young people.

    • Understanding how biophysical principles relate to the learning of physical skills.

    • Understanding how the application of biophysical principles relate to training in physical activity.

    • Performing a physical activity in an applied setting.

    • The societal implications of a major sporting event.

    • Demonstrating an understanding of leadership strategies that affect the functioning of a group.

What should I have done already?

13 credits at Level 1 Physical Education including Achievement Standard 1.2

Assessment outline


Assessment regulations


In the event you do not pass the standard at assessment time you may be provided with an opportunity to reassess your work at the teacher’s discretion.

Late work

Work submitted late for any internally assessed standards will not be marked. If there is a genuine reason or explanation why you are unable to submit the work then you are able to apply for an extension. This should occur prior to the due date and not after. Approach your subject teacher and make your case. Read the NCEA student handbook for more information.

Where does this course lead?

This course leads directly to Level 3 Physical Education. The course may provide the base for tertiary study and possibly a career in physical education, health, recreation or the fitness industry. The course is also personally valuable through its provision of challenges, responsibilities and enjoyment through physical activity.

Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the course costs page.