Year 10 Music (10MUS)

What will I learn?

You will develop your skills as a musician on your chosen instrument in groups and as a soloist, study a range of musical styles and extend your aural, theory and composition skills.

You will learn through participating in a programme that incorporates practical, written and listening activities. You will attend a weekly itinerant or private music lesson on your chosen instrument and practise regularly. You will need to be in at least your second year of learning an instrument and be willing to perform in groups and solo.

Assessment outline

This course is assessed through personal projects, solo and group performance and written and aural tests.

Where does this course lead?

NCEA Level 1 Music

This is offered as a half year course, However, It is strongly recommended if you wish to take Music at NCEA Level 1, you select Music for two of your four options. (i.e. both half year options)

Indicative costs

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