Level 2 Physics (L2PHY)


An exploration of music, gravity, speed, lightning bolts and nuclear power.

What will I learn?

    • Wave phenomena

    • The laws of motion

    • Theory of electromagnetism

    • Atomic and nuclear physics

What should I have done already?

Completed NCEA Level 1 Science (or an equivalent course) and scored Merit in the Mechanics paper.

A Merit grade in the L1 Mechanics PRACTICE EXAM (MOCK) is required.

Assessment outline


Assessment regulations

There will be one internal assessment during the year. There WILL NOT be any reassessment opportunities offered.

The final examination in November assesses the three external standards.

It is vital that you read and understand the rules relating to NCEA in the Student Handbook. The following rules are emphasized here:

Late Work

Work submitted late for the internally assessed standards will not be marked.

If you have a genuine reason why you are unable to submit work by the due date or unable to take part in an assessment on the set day, then you are able to apply for an extension. This should occur prior to the due date/date of assessment, not after. Approach your subject teacher and make your case. Read the NCEA Student Handbook for more detail.

Authenticity and Appeals

These issues are dealt with by the college’s assessment procedures. Essentially all work must be your own. If you copy anything from the internet or a book, you must attribute the source of the work. Do not claim it as your own! You have the right to appeal a grade if you consider you have been treated unfairly. Read your NCEA Student Handbook for details.

Where does this course lead?

Physics teaches problem solving. This course leads to NCEA L3 Physics and, beyond that, a career in medicine, engineering, architecture, finance, scientific research and many others.

Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the Course Costs Page.