Year 10 English (10ENG)


Year 10 English is a culmination of previous years' learning, but is also a crucial stepping stone into the world of NCEA English. The course focuses heavily upon the fundamental elements that underpin senior English at the college. Students are taught how to demonstrate control in the presentation of their work and in their written voice, they develop an appreciation for the crafting of literature and they begin to understand an awareness of themselves as global citizens. As passionate educators, we want our learners to love the subject of English and the tools in which it gifts them for strong communication in all realms of their lives.

What will I learn?

Students cover all of the strands of English in their programmes - writing, reading, speaking, listening, presenting and viewing. These strands are tailored to prepare our students for senior learning that focuses upon creative and formal writing, speech making and the presentation of these, as well as the ever crucial literary analysis.


This is a matter that the Department approaches with a huge deal of seriousness. We deem it unacceptable to present a piece of work that has someone else's voice in it and claim it is your own. In all plagiarism matters the HOD is notified, so too is the College's NCEA coordinator, and the student loses the opportunity to gain a grade for the submitted piece and jeopardises the chance to get a resubmission. With plagiarism undeniably being a breach of ethics, we treat matters with the utmost gravity as this is in the students' best interests as worldwide citizens.

Where does this course lead?

This subject leads to Level 1 English which is compulsory for all Year 11 students.

Indicative costs

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