Level 1 Music (L1MUS)

What will I learn?

As part of this course, you will extend your performance skills, as a soloist and member of a group on your chosen instrument. You will learn how to compose effective original music, either in groups or individually. You will develop techniques to develop aural (listening) skills and extend your musical knowledge in the fundamentals of music (theory).

The course includes practical sessions in class and with an itinerant music teacher (it is compulsory to attend a weekly lesson on your chosen instrument). Students will be required to practise regularly on their chosen instrument outside of class time. Extension of musical knowledge will be integrated into the study of composition.

What should I have done already?

You should have completed a full year of Music at Year 10 and play your chosen instrument with confidence (voice is an instrument). An audition will be required for students who have not completed Year 10 Music, or who have not reached the required performance standard by the end of Year 10.

Assessment outline


Assessment regulations

Authenticity and appeals

These issues are dealt with by the college’s assessment procedures. Essentially all work must be your own. You have the right to appeal a grade if you consider you have been treated unfairly. Read your NCEA Student Handbook for details.

Late work

Work submitted late for internal assessment Standards will not be marked. Absence from school due to sickness is not normally regarded as an acceptable reason for non-submission of assessed work. Alternate arrangements, electronic or otherwise should be made in this event. Remember to follow procedures for assessment as laid down in the Student Handbook for NQF. This is particularly important with regard to missed or late assessment and appeals. You must request an extension prior to the due date if you have a valid reason.

Where does this course lead?

Level 2 Music

Indicative costs

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