Year 8 Drama (8DRA)

Ta te tamariki tana mahi wawahi tahā

It is the job of the children to smash the calabash


This course is developed to explore, create and share using CURIOSITY as a core value underpinning all work. Students are supported to engage in and explore dramatic contexts and creatively push their boundaries. Being open and curious is a vital skill that is honed and nurtured in Performance. Making mistakes is encouraged as it means you are putting your whole self into the work. Often the best work happens by accident!

Students will continue to develop confidence in themselves to work effectively and creatively in a group. They build essential skills in creative communication and understanding of how humans think, move and act. Continue to develop your core performance techniques through many varied practical class activities. 

All work is group based and allows for a variety of skill levels.

What will I learn?

This course is designed to extend you from the work done in year 7 but also allow those new to performance to engage with ease. Students will participate in daily drama warm-ups and structured practical tasks covering core skills from the Drama curriculum. Using a Shakespearean text (Macbeth in 2023) as a starting point, akonga will explore and apply themes from the text. A selection of drama elements and conventions are examined in depth, allowing akonga to create their  own interpretations of scenes.  Stage technologies (lighting, special effects makeup, costume) are an integral part of this course. At least one technology will be explored as part of the mahi.

Where does this course lead?

Year 9 Drama

Indicative costs

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