Year 9 Science (9SCI)


This is the first year of a two year course at Level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum. Students will explore the 'Nature of Science' strand of the New Zealand Curriculum by continuing to develop their science capabilities including:

  • Gathering and interpreting information.

  • Using evidence to support ideas.

  • Critiquing evidence.

  • Making meaning of scientific representations.

  • Engaging with science.

The contexts used include aspects of the 'Living World', 'Material World', 'Physical World' and 'Planet Earth & Beyond' from Level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

What will I learn?

Students will complete the following units of work:

  • Plants

  • Ecology

  • Astronomy

  • Matter

  • Chemical reactions

  • Energy

  • Light & Sound

Assessment outline

Each unit of work has an assessment which may be a traditional test, assignment or investigation.

Where does this course lead?

This course leads to Year 10 Science.

Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the Course Costs Page.