Level 2 Tourism (L2TOU)


The aim of this course is to give you a broad understanding of how tourism works in New Zealand and other destinations throughout the world.

What will I learn?

You will acquire basic knowledge and skills required by the travel and tourism industry.  This includes study of tourist destinations, the tourism industry and industry specific skills.

There is particular emphasis on learning about tourist destinations and activities in New Zealand.  

Classroom activities will cover much of the programme. Visits by local tourism operators will complement theory and there will be other field trip options.

Workbooks provided by Service IQ (Industry Training Organisation for Travel and Tourism) supports this programme.

Assessment outline

Below is a suggested course outline. However built into this course is the option for students to explore a particular areas of interest and strength. Options will be explored in conjunction with the student and teacher at the start of each year.


Assessment regulations

The internal achievement standards will be assessed after the appropriate topics have been taught. There will be no reassessment opportunity for these standards.  You will only be given the opportunity to improve on your efforts if you get small things wrong that you can be fixed with no further teaching or  learning occurring (resubmission) that will bring your grade from a Not Achieved to Achieved.  Because there is no reassessment, if you do not submit the assessment on the due date you have failed the standards.

It is vital that you read and understand the rules relating to NCEA in the section on NZQA Information.  

Where does this course lead?

Credits can be used to pass NCEA Level 2.

This course provides a transition to:

Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the Course Costs Page.