Year 10 Mathematics and Statistics (10MAT) - Phase 4

I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho

A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions


Te whai ahunga, te manaaki i ētahi atu me te mau tonu ki te manawaroa 

Having a purpose and being empathetic and resilient

This course builds on the skills learnt in previous years by applying strategies from all areas of the curriculum to solve problems. There is a focus on developing mathematical skills and knowledge through 'Understanding', 'Knowing That' and 'Knowing How To', and 'Doing' throughout the year.

Problem Solving, developing logic and reasoning, and communication of mathematical ideas will be part of all content areas, while weaving Mātauranga Māori throughout.

This course also prepares students for the NCEA Numeracy co-requisite. Students have two opportunities in Year 10 to achieve the ten credits associated with the Numeracy Common Assessment through a digital platform. 

Numeracy Co-requisite

Students in year 10 will given two opportunities through our the year (dates set by NZQA) to participate in the Numeracy Common Assessment which is worth 10 credits. If students successfully pass the Numeracy Common Assessment with the first attempt they will not sit this again. Students who are not successful in passing this on their first attempt will be given further support prior to their second opportunity.

The 10 credits contribute to the Numeracy component needed to pass Level 1 NCEA.

Where does this course lead?

Your performance, particularly in Algebra, will determine which courses are available to you next year from the range of Level 1 options. The Level 1 courses are designed to be accessible to students working at different levels.


Indicative costs

For all indicative course costs please see the Course Costs Page.