OP Course Fees

Each OP course has an associated course fee without which we would be unable to provide the range of practical experiences in these courses. This fee is calculated to cover the costs of transportation, instructor wages and occasional entry fees for all the weekly practical sessions. 

Overnight and extended trips These are an important aspect of the course and we expect students to participate these trips.  Each of these extended trips has an additional fee that is charged separately so that in the unlikely event of a cancellation, or if a students is unable to attend, it can be easily refunded. 

Snowsports lessons Each course offers students a block of snowsports lessons in Term 3 which are provided by Cardrona / Treble Cone.  The block of lessons needs to be purchased directly from Cardrona in Term 2. Lift passes (season or daily) also need to be purchased directly from Cardrona. In 2023 a local student season pass was $225 and day passes were available for $10 per day. 

Indicative Costs: The table below shows the 2023 fees and extra costs. Expect an incremental increase in 2024. There may also be changes to some trips, or new trips offered, which will change the overall costs. Course fees may be paid in termly increments by arrangement. 

OP Course Costs - summary

Refunds: If a student is unable to participate for an extended period of time due to illness or injury an application for a partial reimbursement may be made to the OP Department. 

Students who are unable to go on an extended trip which has been charged an additional fee will be refunded fully. 

Refunds are not given for occasional absences of weekly activities. 

Refund requests related to the snowsports lessons are forwarded to Cardrona once the winter programme has finished.